The other day I talked about Crowdsourcing, that’s why I would like to add my knowledge to yours and I would like to share with you what Quirky is: http://www.quirky.com/

Quirky is an industrial design company, located in New York City, that uses crowdsourcing to determine which products to design and manufacture. The company solicits ideas for new products via its website; ideas are voted on by readers of the website, as well as by employees of the company. Products that are chosen get designed, manufactured and marketed by Quirky. The inventor and any other contributors then earn 30% of any resulting profits.A prospective inventor can submit an idea for consideration at a cost of US$10 (previously this was $99). Also, each week there is a specific “brief” that can be submitted to for no cost. A product is selected each week to become marketed. Factors considered include uniqueness, manufacturing complexity and intellectual property rights. 30% of the profits are distributed to the inventor and other contributors.

The Manifesto.

I have been using this tool for a while and I would like to add that you can learn from incredible people designing incredible ideas.  It’s really easy to use, you just have to sign up in the webpage 

and see what kind of project are developing. You can see  in which part of the developing proccess the project is and contribute in the project. If you are succesful in adding knowledge to the project you get a percentage taking into account the knowledge you have shared. When arriving to this point for every item it’s sold you get some money. It’s an easy way  to get money for sharing knowledge and without spending long hours working hard!!!
Quirky is a really useful tool and I recommend to everyone to join the web. You can also download it for iphone being able to use it whenever you want wherever you want in  your smartphone.

These are some ideas I really liked from Quirky that came after the procces of Crowdsourcing.