Kuapay, Revolución de pagos

Founded in 2010, Kuapay is a Santa Monica-based company that’s dedicated to making your life easier. We’re a smart young team of engineering wizards and creative dreamers that share a passion for mobile payment technology. And our mission is simple: to help you make fast, secure mobile payments with your smartphone wherever credit cards are accepted.









We can’t emphasize secure enough. Our driving force is putting YOU in control of your financial security – that’s why we’ve developed a system so secure that WE can’t even see your information. Now that’s secure.

Kuapay  for me is a revolution but a bit slow comparing to NFC for me.

Joaquin Ayuso is one of the founders of this Santa Monica based company that was one of the founders of Tuenti. In the app fest he was one of the talks  where he talked about Tuenti and Kuapay.